Speak Sweeter

Feb 25, 2024    Pastor Don Long

I love words! I follow people like Don Huely on Instagram with “The Daily Word.” I learn words like “immarcescible” from Don (this word was not in my spellcheck dictionary, by the way. It is now). My love of words is immarcescible. I just wish we had more immarcescible politicians. Words are wonderful, creative, powerful, and they can be destructive, too. In the gospel of John, we read that Jesus is the “Word” of God made flesh and dwelling among us. Jesus is word incarnate. Our words bring to flesh the presence of God in our lives and through our lives. Your words, once released, are made flesh in others because they reside in the lives of those who receive them. Do our words embody the presence of Jesus’ grace, peace, hope, and healing? This Sunday we’ll explore another part of the song, “Live Like You’re Dying” and the line, “speak sweeter.”