Simpler Times

Oct 8, 2023    Pastor Don Long

After years of searching my older brother finally owns a 1970 orange Suzuki Trail Hopper mini-bike. He drove five hours, one way to Wisconsin to get it, and I can’t wait to visit him and go for a ride. My dad asked him why he was buying something as crazy as an old mini-bike, and my brother said, he had a “void in his life he needed to fill.” We had one when we were kids, and we rode it all the time. I have great memories of those days; they were simpler times. We don’t really remember how or when we got rid of the mini-bike. My brother just remembers it happened sometime after my parents were divorced. Life has a way of getting complicated. In the song “Never Grow Up,” Taylor Swift writes, “I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone,” and that line is the fulcrum of the song on which life pivots. What does Jesus teach us about childhood and growing up; about innocence and wisdom? I want to explore that with you this Sunday as we continue in the second week of the “Rooting for the Anti-hero” series.