Something More

Aug 27, 2023    Pastor Don Long

One of the most popular books in Christian circles has been Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” (Zondervan, 2002), with over 50 million copies in 85 languages being sold in the last 20 years. Question: Are you born with a purpose? Another question: Does everything happen for a reason? Fatalism is the philosophy (belief) that everything does happen for a reason, is predetermined and therefore inevitable. In this thinking, you have a purpose, and that purpose is a part of “the plan.” Stoicism is a philosophy (practice) of living in harmony with the “divine reason” (everything happens/has reason). Thinking: “It is what it is” could be the philosophy (belief and practice) of the fatalist stoic. Have you ever said, “It is what it is?” I have. I’ve heard it a lot. In this new series, as we move toward the Labor Day holiday, I want to explore whether we are created by God with a purpose, or not. How does the way we think about this shape the way we live?