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Easter Sunday

Apr 17, 2022    Pastor Don Long
I’ve been following Maia Mikhaluk on Facebook. She lives in Kyiv, Ukraine with her family. They decided to stay after the invasion by Russian forces over 50 days ago. Two days ago she ventured downtown Kyiv, and the pictures are stunningly beautiful, in part, because they’re completely unexpected. So much of Kyiv, and other parts of Ukraine have been utterly destroyed, so I expected images of destruction. Romans 6:11 invites us to be alive to God, to live as Jesus does. Light shines brighter in darkness, as John 1:5 says of Jesus. So, when we live to God in Christ Jesus, we shine all the more brightly amid the darkness, as Maia is. Let us not be mistaken, Maia’s social media feed is filled with the realities of war: destruction, hunger, death, and pain. Yet, community, hope, life, and joy shine all the brighter, for out of death, life in Christ is unconquerable!