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Advent Word of the Day - Joy
by Becky Long on December 14th, 2023
“Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5Nope. Not this morning. Not happening. There was no joy. First, it is the day of the week I have to go to work at 8AM. I love my job, but not at 8AM. I should still be in bed doom scrolling at 8AM.Second, I don’t like any of my clothes. On another day I would look fine, but today I put on earrings and a scarf with flanne...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Provide
by Becky Long on December 13th, 2023
My family has experienced profound loss and sadness this year and the heartbreak is more intense now that we are in the Christmas season. We know the good news. We know of the love that God provides. We know about the hope, joy, and peace that can be found through Christ, but the feelings of despair still linger in the corners.Once again the word for the day is inspired by Isaiah 61. In it Isaiah ...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Comfort
by Becky Long on December 12th, 2023
These things bring me comfort (in no particular order):Bubble baths, mac & cheese, heavy blankets, a soft robe, my husband, blazing campfire, my toes in the sand, my pink afghan, my kids, warm sun on my face, "grandma" cookies, a good book, Lake Nancy, purring cats, a giant hug (yes, for those who know me, sometimes I take comfort in a giant, sincere hug, I'm evolving into a hugger)."Praise be to ...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Release
by Becky Long on December 11th, 2023
If you check out Rethink Church ( it gives bible verses that the words for the day are based on. This week it is selected passages from Isaiah 61.“The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me    because the LORD has anointed me;he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed,    to bind up the brokenhearted,to proclaim liberty to the captives    a...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - News
by Becky Long on December 10th, 2023
Good news - I had a great time with my family celebrating my dad's 80th birthday. We went to a cat Cafe and cuddled some felines. All is right with the world.Bad news - I didn't do a deep dive on the word today. Well, that's not really bad news 'cause I was busy not being busy with people I love. That is good news during the holiday season. Hope you find a little good news today. ...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Carry
by Becky Long on December 9th, 2023
I woke up this morning, looked at the word I would meditate on throughout the day and instantly I was blessed with a song in my head (I told you song lyrics are my love language). And if you are a child of the 70’s or 80’s then I KNOW this song just flowed through your brain as well. The opening is a harmonic, a cappella masterpiece that must be sung by everyone in the room when its starts.You kno...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Mighty
by Becky Long on December 8th, 2023
I struggled with this word today. I repeated it so often in my mind that it has started to lose meaning. I looked up the multiple definitions of the word, searched the scripture, perused a commentary or two, and then while I was typing my computer turned itself off and I had nothing. I lost it all.So here's what I know in the wee hours of the night.We follow and serve a mighty God. Full stop. Not ...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Voice
by Becky Long on December 7th, 2023
Dec. 7 - Word of the Day - VoiceOnce upon a time, a long time ago, I would wake up in the morning, turn on NPR and catch up on what was happening in the world while I prepared to go to work.I can’t do that anymore. Not because I disagree with that particular station, I can’t watch or listen to ANY newscast anymore. I catch headlines and if I want to learn more, I go on a deep dive using sources I ...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Glory
by Becky Long on December 5th, 2023
Dec. 5 - Word of the Day - GloryOk. I gotta be honest. I wasn’t feeling this word today. There are too many things going on that are out of my control and I am not in a “worshipful praise” state of mind. On my way out of the library the new gnome display caught my eye (we have a fairy and gnome theme this month in the children’s section) and I recognized the spine of one of the books. It was an ol...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Prepare
by Becky Long on December 4th, 2023
Dec. 4 - Word for the Day - PrepareThis is my annual “Here I am one week after Thanksgiving, I just took down the Halloween towels in the bathroom, and it looks like Christmas just threw up all over my house” picture. I say annual because through the wonders of Facebook memories I have been reminded that this is the state of my home every year around this time and every year I wonder why I don’t j...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Tenderly
by Becky Long on December 3rd, 2023
TenderlyIf you know me at all or have read some of my posts before you know that movie quotes and song lyrics are my love language. I think I could have whole conversations using quotes and lyrics. When I bid farewell to someone leaving our home I will often say, “Have fun storming the castle!” When I feel particularly strong and sassy I’ll start singing, “This is me. Look out ‘cause here I come.”...  Read More
Advent Word of the Day - Intro
by Becky Long on December 1st, 2023
Ok friends. Are you ready for something new? I am resuming the practice that I started several years ago of posting something on social media - a thought, a picture, a poem, a short essay, a devotion - each day as I reflect on the words provided by Rethink Church. You can learn more here.This time  I am taking full advantage of being the Director of Communications for our church and I will be post...  Read More
A Few Things
by Jason McAtee on November 30th, 2023
Greetings! Christmas should be a wonderful time of the year… right? It should be that simple, but the season seems to be filled with busyness and chaos. Is this what we want for our families this year? Maybe we can slow down and savor what’s important and get rid of the things that aren’t. I came across a few things that might help us slow down this Christmas season. Stay Home and Be With FamilyI ...  Read More




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