Color Code of Awareness

Over the last year I have been teaching classes to individuals, organizations, and churches about personal defense and emergency planning. One of the key components we talk about in all these settings is the color code of awareness. This idea will sound familiar to my friends who have served in the military. We talk about four different stages of awareness: Being Unaware, Awareness, Heighten Awareness, and Taking Action. We talk about how being unaware really isn’t an acceptable state to find yourself in unless you are sleeping, being aware all the time is key to personal safety but more importantly to productive living, heightened awareness is when something has peaked your interest and you want to make sure you pay close attention to it, and finally taking action is when you have to decide to do something because whatever you were paying attention to required you to act.
The color code of awareness is important for our daily function and how we live our lives. It is also important in what we see happening in our faith. Being unaware is not acceptable, we need to focus and be in tune with God in our lives. Being aware is the place we should find ourselves in most situations. Aware that God is working and pressing, and we have the honor of being a part of God’s process. Heightened awareness is when we feel the tugging and pulling of God in our lives to go a certain direction to try a certain thing. This is where we explore what is pressing us to action. Finally, we are to take action. We aren’t meant to be a people of inaction. If God is leading you somewhere, pursue it until those doors close.
I encourage you to follow the color codes of awareness in your faith and in your lives. I am happy to talk with you about both aspects.

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